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Puttiki Loser Spoon

Back in August I exhibited at the UK’s premier Tiki Weekender, Puttiki, in Hastings UK. Part of the festivities includes a round of adventure golf. I lost spectacularily, without even realising just how rubbish I was until the end. I blame the bar that was artfully placed at the seventh hole!

The next day, the winner was presented with a fabulous trophy carved by the super talented Trader Tark. And the loser was presented with…er…nothing. So, I vowed on the spot to make a Clumsy Loser Spoon, so that next year’s loser has something to look forward to. So here it is!!!!

Loser SpoonLoser Spoon close upI gave the loser spoon to Puttiki’s organisers (Los Furias Tiki and Lady K Loves) as a Christmas present! Hopefully it will soon be hanging in Hunny Lu Lu’s Tiki bar, in Hastings.

To get your name on the spoon, just rock up to next years Puttiki and down as many cocktails as you can! See you at the bar! x


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The Return of Puttiki

Well, it’s been three days and I have just about recovered from Puttiki! The art show was great, the people were friendly, the golf was er…challenging, and the cocktails were awesome! I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Sam (aka Los Furias Tiki) for all his hard work in putting the event together. And also a massive thanks to Kessie and Joe at Hunny Lu Lu’s for plying me with drinks and entertaining me whilst I propped up the bar! If you are ever in Hastings I can definatly recommend a visit there! I also have to announce that I am officially awful at Crazy Golf! Somehow I managed to come dead last in the golf tournament. The winner gets their name engraved on a fantastic Tiki trophy made by Trader Tark. So, for next year’s loser, I will be creating the Clumsy Loser Spoon. Watch this space! Till next year!

Enjoy the photos below!

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Puttiki Exhibition

Ooooooh, there’s so much exciting stuff going on in the world of Clumsy this summer! I was asked by the renowned UK Tiki Artist, Los Furias Tiki, if i would like to be in this show:

Tiki Art, Exotic Cocktails AND Crazy Golf? Who could refuse? More info coming nearer the time.

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