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The Return of Puttiki

Well, it’s been three days and I have just about recovered from Puttiki! The art show was great, the people were friendly, the golf was er…challenging, and the cocktails were awesome! I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Sam (aka Los Furias Tiki) for all his hard work in putting the event together. And also a massive thanks to Kessie and Joe at Hunny Lu Lu’s for plying me with drinks and entertaining me whilst I propped up the bar! If you are ever in Hastings I can definatly recommend a visit there! I also have to announce that I am officially awful at Crazy Golf! Somehow I managed to come dead last in the golf tournament. The winner gets their name engraved on a fantastic Tiki trophy made by Trader Tark. So, for next year’s loser, I will be creating the Clumsy Loser Spoon. Watch this space! Till next year!

Enjoy the photos below!

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